Less Than $3 For Full Red Orchestra’s + Killing Floor

Humble Weekly sale - tripwire interactive

This week’s Humble sale features three games from Tripwire Interactive. Not satisfied with just having great deals last week with its THQ bundle, gamers can now own the amazing Red Orchestra series for as little as a buck.

This deal includes both Red Orchestra and Red Orchesta 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, both of them released with their respective soundtracks. If that wasn’t enough already, less than $3 can add to that pile Killing Floor, 11 packs of downloadable content and another soundtrack.

Any one of these games is worth more than $5 by itself and yield hours of gripping gameplay. Therefore, if we may suggest something, we would say to give $5 or over if in any case possible. Remember that donations can be handed towards charities such as Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You can get the Humble Tripwire sale here.

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