Live Like A Bear On A Donut For Free On iOS

Bumping BearsMobile and social game developer LoadComplete from all the way in South Korea (or relatively close if you live there) has released their latest iOS title Bumping Bears. The title is compatible for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices and is free on the App Store.

The game mixes traditional pet care abilities known from the classic Tamagotchi era or Pet Society games on Facebook and character development elements from The Sims. Players need to care for their bear, feed it and then send it out into a world of adventure to make it more proficient and upgrade its skills. Bears can also get promoted and gain larger salaries, which can be used to don the critters with trinkets or improve their home. Except in this case, their home is a giant donut.

Additionally, bears can take part in contests of skill and luck and beat other friendly predators, as Bumping Bears also allows a social connection with Facebook. Naturally, the game also features in-app purchases for those that become hopelessly addicted to the cuteness. Remember: It’s just a game. There’s no such thing as a journalist bear living on a giant, chocolate-sprinkled donut; unfortunately.

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