Lollipop Chainsaw Too Sexy For PAX East

juliet jessica outfitThe provocative attitude of Suda 51’s latest title Lollipop Chainsaw seems to have hit its mark and caught the attention of PAX. During the show, cosplayer Jessica Nigri was asked to change outfits twice or leave the show floor, according to Destructiod.  She can also be seen in a questionably raunchy infomercial we reported on earlier.

The booth babe deemed too sexy for PAX East can be seen in her admittedly ‘too’ racy outfit, next to Destructoid’s promotional mascot, donned by professional body builder Jacob Harder. Jessica Nigri was asked to change her pink skin and was asked to change once more when she arrived in her regular Juliet Starling cheerleader costume.

There are a few questions that arise with that: How is the cheerleader outfit too much when it’s her job to look like the game, which is also viewable on the show floor? Also, why is it ok for the male body to walk around shirtless, but a woman can’t reveal as much skin? Or why was her original outfit OK before she hit the ‘skin radar’, but not after the incident? Were all revealing booth babes asked to cover up? We all know that booth babes are still common place at shows and yes, most of the time they use sex as an attention grabber.

Luckily, this is only hearsay, but we’re interested in seeing this development. Lately, there has been a crackdown on the booth babe skin police, as these paid models usually work more as a distraction or an annoyance. Many times, these nice young ladies know their job description of looking pretty very well, but barely know what exactly they are representing. A motion at several game shows has started to cut down on these attention grabbers and we’re all for it, as long as this is done equally for all icons. Since nudity and provocation are rather subjective, this doesn’t look like an easy task. China even passed a complete ban of these sexy starlets.

As history stated: “Let them wear shirts!” Nobody needs to show skin to be an eye catcher, nor look appealing. We wonder how feminists feel about this targeting and the whole “it’s my body” thing. Though, PAX and Penny Arcade in its extension is no stranger to feminist tensions, for reasons that don’t need to be brought up again.

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In less surprising news, provocative buffoon Keith Apicary also got booted from PAX. The enthused, clumsy persona of Apicary can be seen in many different convention videos online, fumbling and causing a scene, though he is harmless (and acting).

UPDATE: Jessica Nigri just tweeted a picture of her new, now acceptable outfit. It’s not as accurate, but it’s nice nonetheless.


  1. Jim April 9, 2012

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    So it’s ok for a man to be half naked but not a chick! SEXIST!!!!!!

  2. Wulf April 9, 2012

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    I’m surprised you didn’t already know about PAX’s standpoint on booth babes: they’re not allowed, at all. And if you’re going to play the sexist card for them allowing shirtless men, you’ll have to go higher than PAX. If you really want equality in the sexes, talk to your local government representatives. Singling out a gamer convention isn’t all that effective.

    • darkpower April 9, 2012

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      So the shirtless man is allowed, but the woman isn’t? And do you realize that we’ve already had a few incidents concerning sexist men in the news recently (Rush Limbaugh and Augusta)? Just because there’s a policy doesn’t mean they did the right thing. They didn’t have a problem with her outfit on day one, which, ironically, was the outfit she changed into when they asked her to change on day two, and it was only THEN that they had an issue with then cheerleader outfit. It calls into question how they are really enforcing this rule, and what they are really trying to do with it.

      Not to mention that he pointed out that PAX has been in hot water about being sexist in the past (though I was not aware about this. Will need to Google that).

  3. felicianomiko September 5, 2013

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    There is a difference between a booth babe and a chick who’s into the game and does cos-play but just happens to be hot.

    Booth babes are a bit demeaning as they7 typically know nothing about the characters they portray and are really there just to look at. A chick who is cos-playing the character and knows the character is different. While she is there for her visual appeal, she’s also there to act like the character and to speak.

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