London 2012 Trailer Tours Slick Cycling Track

SEGA is publishing the official video game for this year’s Olympics and it probably won’t even feature Mario or Sonic. London 2012 will hold many accurate events and one of those is in-door cycling. The following trailer shows off the development care put into designs of the race tracks.

YouTube Preview Image

The fly-through the velodrome is said to be taken entirely from actual gameplay footage, even if it states to be work in progress. It contains lighting effects casting off the sides of the track, a fully active environment within the ellipse and a bustling crowd on the bleachers. It does seem like the Australian branch from SEGA has got the clean-cut visuals down. Now it’s only a matter of waiting to see who really will be interested in the actual event. London 2012 is expected to release in June 2012 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

London 2012 Velodrome Trailer

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