Lots Of Paradox News – Free Magicka Weekend!


Publisher Paradox Interactive is starting 2013 in full force, with tons of news and release info. First of all, their latest expansion to their hit Crusader Kings II has launched. You can read the full details about The Republic downloadable content (DLC) here, which focuses on merchants and social politics. Additionally, the strategy PC game gets two minor, esthetic DLC packs. The Songs of Prosperity DLC contains 3 new songs, while Mediterranean Portraits adds thousands of face combinations for characters. Each costs $1.99 and is available from all known digital sources. There is also a launch trailer for The Republic, which we’ll post below.

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Keeping things in the deep strategy genre, a new trailer for March of the Eagles shows a first developer diary. Here, they discuss the Napoleonic theme of the game, as well as the importance of provinces. For instance, supplies will be of utmost importance in each region, which will also determine how well a visiting army may fair in their quest further on. If a province is too poor to sustain a massive unit count, their depletion of resources might cause them to die out. Interestingly, the developer states that during war campaigns in those times, more men died outside of combat than during. We love historic factoids. Lastly, a supply train system will allow you to haul large quantities of needed goods, to lighten the burden. You’ll find the full developer diary below.

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We’ll take things to a completely different theme altogether with the latest trailer for The Showdown Effect. This 2D brawler comes from the minds of those that brought us Magicka. This title will have the same wackiness as aforementioned magical game. The clip goes all Hollywood with an ominous voice leading us into the story of the game in full movie trailer style, before breaking into the action. It is looking rather titillating so far. We might even suggest there are whiffs of Super Smash Bros in there from time. Except that The Showdown Effect has tons of guns and stuff. We like guns. You can watch the trailer here as well.

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Finally, we’ll keep things topical once more as we discuss the two-year anniversary of Magicka. Since its birth, the game has sold no less than 1.8 million copies, which is no small feat for a small indie feature with a rocky release. If you’re one of the unlucky numbers not to have tried the game yet, there is good news: Magicka will be free-to-play over the weekend! Though the press release doesn’t say so, we assume they mean that it will be Steam’s periodic promotion. More so, the generosity goes further with the release of more free DLC called Free Jólnir’s Workshop. This challenge map will have wizards liberate the workshop amidst a blizzard.

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