Lucius Horror Story Gets Overhaul and New Release Date

Lace Mamba Global has finally released some more news about their horror adventure Lucius. The PC exclusive made by Shiver Games basically rips off The Omen and tells the tale of child Lucius that goes on a terror spree. He was born on June 6th, 1966 and when he turned 6 his real father showed up, which of course turned out to be the Devil.

Lucius Hitler

The game will now release in Octboer 2012, because the developers felt they needed to emphasize its visual appeal a little more, as to get the point across better. Shiver Games design lead Johannes Aikio mentioned: “Over the past few months we have internally reviewed our game and decided that we should spend more time reworking and improving areas that influenced the storytelling and overall presentation of the game. Unfortunately, even small changes in these areas take time to implement.”

The good news however is that Lucius is now reaching Beta status and will thus become ready for playtesting shortly. It isn’t known whether a Beta or demo will become available publically. The publisher released some screenshots to take a look at the new overhaul. It does seem that the porcelain faces of yore have gotten more creases and pores. Though now Lucius looks even more like a miniature Hitler than ever before. Perhaps that was the plan all along!

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