Magicka: Wizard Wars Gets First Gameplay Video

Magicka Wizard Wars PC pvp game

Publisher Paradox Interactive has released more info about their popular wizardry franchise. A new clip for Magicka: Wizard Wars shows us a first glimpse of its gameplay.

YouTube Preview Image

First, we’re treated to some live action from the robed menaces wielding staves. These clips sure are getting more cinematic, as special effects fill the screen, as well as glaring effects. It gives a good real-life rendition of what this combat would be like.

In the game, two teams of wizards take on each other in a cartoony world of colorful levels. Each has a set of spells at their disposasl, which can be combined to great and hilarious effects. In particular, spells that backfire were good for a ton of laughs, in the already parody-heavy original and its many DLC releases.

Additionally, the PC title has started accepting signups for its Alpha test phase. With the game set for release somewhere in 2014, it’s not sure when this program will start, but it should be fodder for those who enjoy player versus player battles with a twist.

You can sign up for the Magicka: Wizard Wars Alpha here.

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