March of the Eagles “Demo” Has Full Singleplayer

March of Eagles

Paradox Interactive has released a rather generous demo for their recent release of March of the Eagles. This PC strategy game was launched just a few days ago, but gamers will be able to access a lot of its features for free and buy it if they desire more varied content.

Much like its other coveted strategy games, the new Paradox venture offers players deep strategy options. In the demo, it will be possible to play the full singleplayer campaign with one faction. Set during the Napoleonic era, the demo explores the Prussian nation in its struggle against France and Russia. Along with all capabilities, all hints and tutorials areĀ availableĀ  To ensure a purchase at some point, save games are disabled and no multiplayer options are present in the demo version. Still, if you have an afternoon to kill, this will make for an impressive demonstration.

March of the Eagles is available from a list of digital platforms, such as Steam.

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