Marvel Heroes Human Torch Dev Diary Mentions Emma Frost Character

Marvel Heroes Human Torch MMO pc game

Marvel Heroes, the massive multiplayer online game (MMO) with the comic book license of the same name, has launched a developer diary to discuss their character creation process. In particular, they’ll focus on a new option with the release of the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, also known as Johnny Storm.

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They discuss just how much care is put into making a hero that looks stunning, as well as plays well. For instance, they’ve mapped an extensive amount of glow to his fiery form, so it has different levels of intensity. Naturally, as with all characters in the game, you’ll be able to don many costumes, which are all derived from the comic books. His powers include fireballs for ranged attacks and a blazing aura that lights up anyone who dares to come close. More so, burning opponents can further be siphoned for energy. Finally, a destructive area skill throws down a mighty flaming 4 on the floor.

In the clip, the developers mention that they’ve already begun working on more playable characters. The next in line is the voluptuous Emma Frost. If you’ve seen the movies: She’s that crystal lady. She also has mad telepathy powers, which she recently used in the Avengers Vs. X-men comic book event to monitor the entire world. Now that’s some potent stuff.

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