Marvel Heroes MMO Has Iron Man 3 Open Beta This Week

Marvel Heroes Avengers

Gazillion Entertainment will have an Open Beta event in Marvel Heroes for the theater release of Iron May 3 this weekend.  Participants can register on the PC MMO’s website right now and will be prompted for download via email. For reference, we’ll place the hours of the Beta’s availability below:

Saturday May 4 at 3.00 AM BST / 4.00 AM CET PM through Monday May 6 at 18:00AM BST / 19.00 CET

As this is a movie promotion, players will be able to select any of the blockbuster Avengers, such as Thor, Hulk, Captain America or Black Widow. Just kidding; no one wants to play Black Widow. She is available though. Additionally, 14 Iron Man armor skin will include those of all his theatrical releases.

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