Marvel Heroes Shows Star-Studded Cast Video

Marvel Heroes

Gazillion Entertainment released a video with the voice talent for their upcoming Marvel Heroes title. This online multiplayer roleplaying game will feature a whole mess of talent both in front of the microphone as behind it.

YouTube Preview Image

For instance, writing is under leadership of Brian Michael Bendis, who will ring true with any comic fan for his plethora of work within the medium. He’s also the holder of several coveted Eisner Awards, which are among the top honors for comic book artists to receive. Voice talent in the clip shows the same level of expertise. For instance, Tara Strong plays a role in just about any game and Nolan North, voice of Nathan Drake, plays the snappy Deadpool character. To give you an idea of how established some of these names are: Steve Blum, who will once again voice Wolverine in the game, has well over 450 titles to his curriculum and has played in just about any major title since the turn of the century. Talent also adds more traditional actors to their line-up. For instance, some will remember Keith David from his role in Requiem for a Dream or as the voice of the main villain in The Princess and the Frog.

Furthermore, the clip shows the tiring work that voice actors must go through. They come in and take on a massive script, sometimes in rather coarse voices, which they have to uphold for one giant take. Luckily, most of these people are used to this line of work.

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