Mass Effect 3 Demo Drops on V-Day

ME3 Demo Release Date

We’ve known for a while that a Mass Effect 3 demo was coming.  Heck, some people have already played it after Microsoft’s accidental early release snafu.  Today, Bioware dropped the details on when the detail would be officially released for everyone to grab legitimately.  It’s not as early as the originally announced January, but it won’t be too long after that.  Go ahead and inform your special lady friend of the bad news now, because it’s dropping on V-day.

February 14th – Mass Effect 3 campaign demo
February 17th – Mass Effect 3 co-op demo
February 14th – Mass Effect 3 co-op demo early access for BF3 Limited Edition purchasers

As you can see, the promised “early access” that the BF3 limited edition got you isn’t exactly something to write home about.  You get the co-op demo 3 days early, but will have to wait just as long as everyone else for the single player campaign.

The full game releases on March 6th, 2012 in North American and March 9th in Europe.

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