Mass Effect 3 Exclusive DLC Guide

Mass Effect 3 Exclusive DLC GuideMass Effect is the type of franchise that breeds completionism.  Many that play through the game crave the ability to explore every end of the galaxy, every decision, and of course, all of the content.

With Mass Effect 3, EA has made the last of those things difficult by whoring out an inordinate amount of exclusive DLC to various retailers and item bundles.  There’s so much of it that no one could possibly keep track of where and what they need to buy if they want a specific piece of content.  Until now…

Doing the legwork to help you all out, we’ve hunted down all the various announcements and put together a guide of what exactly all of the exclusive ME3 DLC is bundled with.  Check it out below, and if you find something wrong or missing be sure to hit us up using the contact form at the top of the site.

  • Play Kingdom of Amalur Demo: Get Reckoner Knight Armor and Chakram Lancer
  • Buy Liara Figurine: Get unnanounced exclusive DLC
  • Buy ME3 Action Figures: Get exclusive multiplayer weapons, characters, and modifications
  • Pre-order ME3 anywhere: Get M55 Argus Assault Rifle
  • Pre-order at Gamestop: Get N7 Warfare Gear including N7 Valkyrie assault rifle
  • Pre-order on Origin: Get AT12 Raider Shotgun
  • Pre-order ME3 art book: Get Collector’s Rifle
  • Buy Mass Effect Console Vault: Get multiplayer weapons/unlocks


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