Mass Effect 3 Leaked, Hacked, and Cracked Before Release

Color us… completely unsurprised. Mass Effect 3, one of the biggest new games of the year, hit the internet a few days before its release as cracking groups got their hands on leaked pre-release game disc images for the PC, 360, and PS3 versions of the game. As of right now, the PS3 and 360 games have been cracked and are playable, while the PC version’s copy protection and Origin requirements have kept it unplayable.

Of course, it’s not exactly unusual for an anticipated and hyped game to leak a few days before it release date, nor is it unusual for crackers to get through copy protection fairly quickly. What is a little unusual is that it took groups an estimated five days to get through the game’s protections – a fairly long amount of time today, given the frequency of pre-release leaks and torrenting.

Despite the leak, we’re fairly confident EA and BioWare have nothing to worry about in terms of the game’s commercial value. Similar titles like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 leaked several days ahead of their official release dates and still saw massive sales upon release. Unlike the archaic film industry, game developers also haven’t been quite as litigious about fighting these kind of events.

Whether you picked up Mass Effect 3 legally or downloaded it online, enjoy the game – it’s one of those rare releases that seems to pop up every now and then. We’ll keep you up to date with all DLC releases and new reviews for the game, as they appear.

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