Metro: Last Light Discusses Enemy Danger

Metro Last Light

After a survival guide, Metro: Last Light divulges a second guide on how to make it in its world of nuclear carnage. Once more, this tale sprinkled with gameplay will be narrated by a friendly Russian voice.

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First off, the trailer elaborates on the previously mentioned factions that populate the metro lines of Mother Russia. One party called the Reich is as closely related to the fascist movement of that name. They send off impure people to camps, perform executions and so, try to preserve the purity of Russian blood. A communist Redline faction isn’t that much better, though it has numbers and firepower to drive its point home. They’re offset by their Ganza counterpart. Other than these 3 groups, loose bandits and other miscreants can be found in the lines, with all of the above trying to murder you on sight.

Players follow the Rangers, which call themselves protectors of the Metro, though we’re sure all parties think that of themselves. Narration continues to make clear that choices will affect gameplay. Additionally, stealth will be a large part of the game, as players are encouraged to sneak past targets, conserve precious ammo and mess with the lighting. It’s possible to snuff out candles, take out lights on enemies’ heads or even shut off fuse boxes. Should this approach fail, enemy soldiers will try to outflank you, take cover and seek out your position if they lose sight. Therefore, when outnumbered, a tactical retreat is advised.

Aside from that, the clip also takes a look at more icky creatures that live outside of the immediate metro surroundings. In particular, these mutated atrocities dominate the surface environments. They come in many formats and each possesses unique and haunting ways to kill players. As always, caution is advised when dealing with these beasts.

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