Minecraft on PS3 but not PS4


Mojang’s worldwide phenomenon is now on the Sony PlayStation 3. Developer 4J ported it over to the PS3 on December 17th to the delight of gamers around the globe. It comes in at 103 MB with a recent 1.02 patch to take care of launch bugs like the chat and audio issues players reported. With everything the game offers, the $19.99 price tag is a steal and is virtually identical to the Xbox 360 version.

Still no sign of the PS4 version however. Playstation Lifestyle interviewed Owen Hill, a Mojang representative, and asked him when we could see it. He said the PS3 and PS4 versions will not be cross-compatible and they do not know about cross-buy yet.

“They will be different games, with different world sizes so this is unlikely, sorry.”

There is still no release date from 4J, who is responsible for the console version of Minecraft, nor Mojang. Soon as we hear any word of when we can finally enjoy Minecraft with our DualShock 4’s, we’ll let you know.

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