Monster Hunter, Need For Speed In This Week’s Euro eShop Games

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Lies

In the fourth week of March, the digital downloads on the Nintendo eShop for Europe will be all about big titles. Luckily, some smaller games will be available as well, though Wii owners are out of luck.

The Wii U, however, brings forth several illustrious titles, such as Need For Speed: Most wanted U. Yes, just like the Nintendo 64 put a “64” appendix everywhere, the Wii U is placing a needless “U” to most of its ports. For €59.99, you too can play cops and robbers, with the exception that this version supports a “co-driver” on the GamePad that can help the action on the screen. For a radically lower price of just 30 cents, you can download the classic Punch-Out! On the Virtual Console, as part of Nintendo’s 30 year anniversary. Another big hit this week is the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U for €59.99. Explore vast worlds, fight giant creatures and collect loot to craft epic equipment in over 200 missions. Its release even comes with a commercial trailer that features such forced culture diversity classics as white male protagonist, the black friend, Asian background person and some girl. Oh, you better believe there will be needless bro-fisting between white male and impressed black friend. This RPG is also available on Nintendo 3DS for €49.99. You can read our full preview here.

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Furthermore, the 3Ds receives My Foal 3D for €29.99. Raise baby horses and tend to them, take pictures and more of that cute stuff. It even states that the release comes with AR cards, though we’re unsure how that works with a digital release. Lastly, don’t forget the HarmoKnight demo.

To close off, this week’s DSiWare is Bloons TD 4, with a price tag of €4.99. Monkey and balloons meet in a tower defense game with up to 75 rounds.

As always, feel free to tell us if you’re picking up anything this week.

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