Namco Misspells Naruto 3DS Game On Box

Nartuo powerful shippudenA factory mishap has created another misprint on boxes of Namco Bandai’s new Naruto game. People that purchase the popular anime’s new 3DS title can read “Nartuo Powerful Shippuden” on the box spine.

These gross oversights are nothing new. Capcom popularized the comical accident when they released a botched version of their 3DS Resident Evil game, spelling it as “Revelaitons” on the box spine, instead of Revelations. This was immediately followed with the awareness of a similar error on Asura’s Wrath, which promised players “near impossible chanllenges.” Namco is no stranger to error as well, as it previously messed up a box of a One Piece 3DS game. The port was dubbed One Piece “Unlimlited” Cruise SP on the box spine.

Maybe anime games and/or Nintendo 3DS just have some sort of curse around them, though it’s strange that they misspelled an iconic character like Naruto and not its often overly long, convoluted tagline.

Namco has stated it will correct the issue in later prints. Alternatively, it’s possible to print a replacement label.

(via Kotaku)

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