Neverwinter Prepares For PvP Beta With Videos


This Friday, March 22, the third Closed Beta event for Neverwinter will take place, starting at 7PM GMT. This free-to-play action RPG inspired directly by Dungeons & Dragons will offer new content for existing Beta members.

Most importantly, this event will introduce player versus player mechanisms, while also raising the level cap to 50. Additionally, 2 new locations will become available for exploration. Both Pirates’ Skyhold and Icespire Peak will join the world of D&D.

Several videos have also been released for the MMO recently. One of these takes a look at the history of the city of Neverwinter, both during its glory days as in lesser times. The city has been reinforced in its attempt to fend off Orcs, Foulspawn and the undead. Furthering its grief, the city’s Black District is planning a riot that could unhinge it. There are also some snippets of gameplay that shows the game’s mounts, skills and various spells. It’s quite colorful with a definite World of Warcraft charm to it.

YouTube Preview Image

Another short clip focuses on gameplay from the rogue trickster class. As is customary for these characters, combat will include a flurry of blows and daggers flying around everywhere. Additionally, the brigand will be able to cloak themselves for stealthy gameplay.

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