New 4X Game From Iceberg Interactive Inbound

Horizon - Tactical Combat

Iceberg Interactive has announced a publishing deal for yet another 4X space game, by the name of Horizon. This news comes after similar deals for Endless Space and StarDrive.

This PC title will use the same 4X tropes known from the genre, with turn-based combat, exploration, customization and so on. In total, 10 different species will populate the universe and it will be possible to unlock 100 new technologies, each upgradable with 10 additional levels. Keeping things in the numeral sense, playing fields will vary from 100 stars to tenfold that size.

Like most games, Horizon promises impacting diplomacy traits, as well as unique races. There will be missions available with open endings and combat is said to take many turns before concluding, which should raise the tactical appeal.

As the publisher, Iceberg Interactive holds the rights to distribute this product online and through retail stores in Europe. A release date is currently planned for somewhere this summer. The least we can say so far is that its art looks colorful. Hopefully, the game will be pretty good as well.

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