New Bundle in a Box Has 9 Games For A Low Price

Delve Deeper

Once more, this week is filled with bundles, both big and small in size. One of the smallest is the new and always enigmatic Bundle in a Box that launched its Eclectic Delights theme. The bundle offers a set of 5 core titles, available for a minimum price of just $0.99. We’ll list the games below:

  • Shadows of the Vatican, Act: I
  • Delve Deeper
  • War of the Human Tanks
  • Eversion
  • Fibrilation

The definitive clincher in this pack is the accessible and entertaining Delve Deeper, which comes loaded with additional DLC. In this hex-based strategy games, players fight with their clan of dwarves to mine the most resources and find the most loot, while also battling monsters and other dwarves.

Some other notable titles include War of the Human Tanks, which offers a turn-based strategy game in line of titles like Advance Wars. Players can customize tanks and unlock multiple endings in this highly tactical game. The platformer Eversion, in turn, promises to mix its cutesy nostalgic appeal with disturbing Lovecraft elements.

For those that beat the average price, currently not even bordering 3 bucks, there are 4 more titles to unlock, which we’ll list here as well:

  • The Adventures of Shuggy
  • Stay Dead
  • The 4th Wall
  • Flibble

Platform fans will certainly appreciate The Adventures of Shuggy, with its ton of strange mechanics, such as rotating levels, defying gravity and so on. With Stay Dead, we return to live action filmed game sequences that must be brought to a good end by performing timely inputs. More so, difficulty will ramp up the better you perform.

You can find the Eclectic Delights bundle here.

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