New Bundle Stars Has 10 Games For The Taking

Jazz Bundle Stars

A new Indie Mashup pack has gone up on the Bundle Stars website. A total of 10 will be available, with 8 of those being known already and 2 more being announced at a later date. For a minimum of $1.5, buyers can unlock Stardrone and Jazz: Trumps Journey. The latter is a platform game inspired by the life of Louis Armstrong.

Those that pay in excess of $5.94 in this pay-what-you-want deal will also unlock 6 games redeemable through Steam. We’ll list these games below:

  • Still Life
  • Still Life 2
  • Chrome
  • Vigil: Blood Bitterness
  • Tank universal
  • Crash Time 2

Our pick for this bundle would be Vigil and its stylish silhouetted horror adventure elements. It’s mostly presented in pure black and white, with sporadic touches of color.  Tank Universal may awake the Tron fan in you, with its neon lighting.

You can purchase the Indie Mashup bundle here.

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