New Bundle Stars Has 10 Games In Total

Bundle Stars

A new Bundle Stars promotion is upon us with the latest Fire and Ice pack. Together with the latest Indie Gala and Humble Bundle, PC gamers will need to start choosing where to spend their cash. This deal alternates the company’s business model a little by offering 2 titles for a price of just €1.15 and 8 additional games starting at a contribution of €4.55. Lower tier customers will receive Iceberg’s Tiny Troopers, along with Airport Control Simulator. For the higher tiers, 6 of the 8 games are known. We’ll list there below:

  • Darkness Within
  • Darkness Within 2
  • Adams Venture
  • Adams Venture 2
  • Armada 2526
  • Real Heroes: Firefighter

You’ll notice a pattern here, aside from the fact that several titles come with their sequel attached. Several other games are from Iceberg Interactive as well. We’ve reported on the realistic simulator in firefighting. In Darkness Within, players embark on an adventure inspired by Lovecraft’s works. Similar adventuring can be seen in the Adams Venture series. Finally, Armada 2526 brings space opera gameplay. The latter also recently released on Steam. We’ve contacted the Bundle Stars people whether this bundle would include a Steam key, but rep Sophie Powers told us this would unfortunately not be possible.

You’ll have 26 more days to decide to pick up this bundle. The top 5 contributions will receive exclusive Beta access to Iceberg’s real-time 4X project StarDrive.  A purchase also yields 5% to charity. You can buy the Fire and Ice Bundle Stars action here.

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