New Bundle Stars Has 8 Games For 5 Bucks

Indie Jam

After a first installment last year, a second Bundle Stars called Indie Jam has ushered in the new year. It has since dropped the Facebook coercion, which we can only applaud. Instead, gamers can get their hand on all 8 titles revealed so far for €4.70/$5.30, with 2 more titles to be revealed later on. We’ll list the available games below:

  • Unstoppable Gorg
  • Stellar Impact
  • Twin Sector
  • Dead Horde
  • Future Wars
  • Greed: Black Border
  • Grotesque Tactics
  • Trapped Dead

Most of these games have separately been available in previous bundles, but that doesn’t denote their quality. The offer is quite diverse in its scope. There are some action games, puzzle features with Twin Sector, tactical roleplaying with Grotesque Tactics and tower defense with Unstoppable Gorg. This promotion marks a 90% discount on what these combined games would normally cost. All these titles come with a Steam redeem key. More so, purchasing a bundle supports Special Effect, which is a charity that helps disabled children and adults enjoy games.

You can purchase the Indie Jam bundle here.

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