New Crusader Kings II DLC And March of the Eagles Video

Crusader Kings II Republic

Paradox Interactive announced a new expansion for Crusader Kings II called The Republic. The PC strategy game is down to its third major addition.

This downloadable content will add a merchant focus to the game. Players will try and take over their respective territory through wealth and power, by running a Patrician family dynasty. Venice, Genoa, Pisa and the Hanseatic League of Gotland will be merchant regions available to play in the game. You’ll be able to build out trade posts and enhance these and your family at the same time with new constructions. Socialites will be able to run in the Doge elections. Naturally, all this prestige will need to be defended from rival families and the strongest of nobles will be able to overtake other trade posts as well. The Rebublic DLC will release in Q1 2013 and cost $9.99.

YouTube Preview Image

There is also a very short gameplay trailer for March of the Eagles, another deep strategy game from the publisher. It features the same amount of depth, as we see lists upon lists of units, territories divided into sections, troops moving around and so forth. There really isn’t a lot to go on for now, when talking about specifics, but fans of the Europa Universalis genre of field strategy are sure to get a kick out of this once again.

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