New Edge of Twilight Trouble, But There’s An iOS Game

Edge of Twilight

As would be apparent now, Edge of Twilight will not make its end of the year release date, as formerly stated. In a new press release, Fuzzyeyes passed on the news that the game will indeed arrive in the summer of 2013 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Additionally, the “trilogy” idea also takes a step back as the series that the company discussed in their resurfacing press statement now appears to be a mobile device game addition.

This mobile title will be called Edge of Twilight – Horizon and strips the game down to a running feature with the creature version of the game’s main character. The night-born character will use speed to thwart an enemy that will return in the main console feature. Gamers will be able to access the game for free on the Apple App Store, but there is no confirmation or denial of in-app purchases yet. We hope that there aren’t any, as that would be a low move to feed off of a fan base that’s been craving for this game to release. Fans will be updated through this game with screenshots, videos and production news from the main release. The Horizon game is currently awaiting approval from Apple. There is no word on an Android version as of yet.

In a more troubling development, Travis Draper, who can be found discussing the game on Playstation Universe in 2008, mentioned that the renewal of Edge of Twilight may be fraudulent. In a response (viewable here) to one of the game’s vague Facebook alerts, the man commented that “it’s not the EoT we worked on.” The title has been shrouded in secrecy so far and the happy-go-lucky attitude on Facebook isn’t connecting with all their fans. We’ve reached out to Fuzzyeyes for comments on a possible Android version and clarity on the main title.

Update: Fuzzyeyes got back to us with these words: “Travis Draper is an amazing designer. We understand his worry about the game.  We can confirm for you, Edge of Twilight is still the same game and with much improved game play. ” They mentioned that trailers and screenshots would be available soon.

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