New Super Mario Bros For Wii-U To Be Announced Soon

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto is a hard man to crack. The veteran game designer smiles when asked about upcoming projects, even those that are supposedly secret, before expertly changing the topic to something he’s more comfortable talking about. In a recent interview with Spanish newspaper and technology publication El Mundo, he did just that when asked about a new Mario Bros game.

Super Mario Bros is, of course, Nintendo’s flagship series, a veteran of the gaming industry that’s been around longer than almost any other modern franchise. It’s Nintendo’s bread and butter, even after thirty years of existence, and it seems more than ever an essential part of the company’s long-term strategy. Now, we know it’s coming to the Wii-U, at least in some form, later this year.

Nintendo will officially unveil the Wii-U at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo convention in Los Angeles. This much we know for sure, as it’s come straight from the mouth of the company. But what we don’t know is which titles will launch alongside the final version of the console. Will there be a new Super Mario Bros title alongside Nintendo’s latest hardware creation, or not?

After the interview, Nintendo released a statement to the press, claiming that the magazine’s claims that a new Super Mario Bros game will be unveiled alongside the new console were true. The game will be showcased at this year’s E3, and it will include some cool new features that Nintendo thinks are only possible using the Wii-U’s combination of on-screen gameplay and tablet hardware.

The game will be ‘split across the screen and the tablet,’ allowing gamers to control the action on one of two different planes. The game will take advantage of the console’s new full high definition screen resolution, allowing for higher-quality graphics and depth. Nintendo recently registered the domain name – a domain that could be used for this particular title.

We’re eagerly awaiting the game’s unveiling, and we’ll keep you up to date with any developments that happen in the meantime. For now, let’s sit back and wait for what’s due to be a pretty immense show for the Wii-U. It seems like Nintendo’s learned from its mistakes with past consoles and weak launch titles, and built a pretty strong inventory for the Wii-U immediately upon its release.

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