Ni No Kuni Slips To 2013 But Charms Us With An English Trailer

Ni No kuni english trailer

Sad news, North American residents: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has been pushed back to early 2013, along with its European release. This game made by Level-5 from Professor Layton (or Dark Chronicle if you’re a boss) is a collaboration with lovable giants Studio Ghibli that created films like Spirited Away.

The vibrant RPG with some of the most luscious animation ever created did launch its first English trailer though. In it, we get a sappy story about a boy’s dead mother. Then that kid brings his toy to life with his magical tears of life that he should use to cure mortality. More importantly, it also has a few fragments of beautiful gameplay that depicts its many different worlds and monsters and dragons and ships and capes and too much lovely things to shake a stick at. Then again, the boy does seem to use a magical staff. Perhaps that allows him to shake sticks at things.

YouTube Preview Image

Late or not, this Playstation 3 exclusive is one of the most anticipated titles in future games. Namco Bandai better hurry up and deliver it, because we can’t wait. In the meantime, watching The Neverending Story over and over again might be your best bet.

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