Nintendo Downloads Adds Colors And A Store

Colors 3D

Nintendo Downloads will add painting title Colors! 3D to the 3DS eShop this week. Colors! 3D, with the annoying exclamation point mid-name, will allow players to use their touchscreen as a drawing board. Add an internet connection to that and you’ll be able to communicate with other people online and even share a canvas together. The internet will also hold a worldwide exhibition of shared artworks. This title comes with a €6 price tag.

Additionally, the 3DS eShop will add GO Series: Escape Trick Convenience Store. It isn’t a great week for game titles. Regardless, this game is a mystery solving puzzle title where players need to find a way out of a store. The first item you’ll need is  €5 credit rate in your eShop wallet, because that’s how much this game costs.

WiiWare will add Rush Rush Rally Racing, a 2D racer for 900 Wii Points from Redspotgames who used the PSN hack last year to cross-promote their title with a drama survey about PSN safety. Look for these titles on April 19, 2012.

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