Nintendo Downloads Offer More Tetris and Coloring

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads continue the similarities with previous announcements. Once more, people will be able to download Tetris clones and drawing programs from the eShop this Thursday.

Block Factory is said Tetris-related game where players  can customize their blocks and themes. The game also features additional content through SpotPass and QR codes. The 3DS download is priced at €4.

Inchworm Animation

Inchworm Animation is similar to previously released title Colors! 3D. The difference here is that the game is available as DSiWare and will also include the creation of animations and video capabilities. Tutorials are also provided for beginning artists. Inchworm Animation will cost you €8, but if it’s anything like Colors! 3D then it‘s well worth the cash. I’m playing Colors! 3D right now and the accessibility and intuitive level of it is downright impressive.

UPDATE: The team behind Inchworm Animation got back to us and told us they were able to negotiate the same terms for their European version of the game. Inchworm Animation will be available for €5, instead of the earlier €8.

Lastly, this week’s WiiWare is 2 Fast 4 Gnomz; something about really fast gnomes. That’s all the press release gave us along with the 500 Wii points tag.

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