Nintendo eShop With Tokyo, Zombies, NBA And Parties

NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 is out on the Wii U digital shop this week.

With the new year in full swing, European gamers can look forward to a lot more additions on the Nintendo eShop. All of Nintendo’s platforms get a little bit of attention this week.

Tokyo Crash Mobs

Tokyo Crash Mobs

The 3DS eShop adds a few games. One of these is the match-3 game Tokyo Crash Mobs, where players toss people into rows of waiting lines to get to their preferred shopping item the first. How does this logic work? Well, by hurling people of the same shirt color to their kin, they magically disappear out of the queue. This game costs €5.99.

Another title, priced at €4.99, is Mahjong Mysteries – Ancient Athena. It combines the classic mahjong gameplay of matching tiles with slight story elements of Greek mythology.  The classic gameplay mode features over 300 levels, while an Adventure mode lets you play 10 different variants.

There’s also some DSiWare this week from prolific publisher EnjoyUp Games. Zombie Skape costs €1.99 and features a young boy called Ethan, who dreams of becoming a pro skater.  However, he’ll have to use these skills to save girls, rather than use it for career purposes, when a sudden zombie apocalypse emerges.

Zombie Skape

Zombie Skape

That newfangled console called the Wii U will also receive a twofer of digital releases this week. The first of those is the lauded NBA 2K13 series with unique career and historic game modes. As a full release, this game has a price tag of €59.99. If it can sway you: the game was made with collaborations from Jay-Z and features the cast from The Jersey Shore and Justin “the beebs” Bieber himself.  It will come accompanied by the karaoke game SiNG Party, which lets you face your friends as you sing, instead of being clutched to the screen. This marvel of GamePad technology use is yours for just €49.99.

Finally, the Wii gets a demo for Vampire Crystals, a top-down shooter where zombies and vampires duke it out.

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