Nintendo Euro eShop Fires Emblems, Acorns And Legions

Fire Emblem awakening

Not a lot of action in this week’s eShop Nintendo downloads for Europe. Mostly due to one highly anticipated title, other features will be downplayed.

We’re talking about the European release of Fire Emblem: Awakening, which will be available as a digital download for €44.99. This strategy classic comes to the Nintendo 3DS with a bunch of new features. It already received high praise from American press outlets, though a demo is still available on the eShop for skeptics.

Smaller 3DS titles include Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo, which gets a €4.99 price tag. It features 90 levels where a certain squirrel called Mr. Nibbles uses a line to swing from end to end. We don’t know how that applies to its squirrel-y-ness, but every platform game needs something to feel different. One of this week’s classics is Namco’s arcade hit Dig Dug, which costs €3.99 to dig holes and blow up enemies, literally.

Forgotten LegionsAlternatively, the Wii U gets a classic of its own with Kirby Adventure, the NES platform game. It will cost only 30 cents until May 17, 2013. After that period, it will go up to €4.99 for some flying fun. More action can be found in Kung Fu Rabbit, for a price of €4.99. This platform title features many perilous leaps, slides and obstacles in a cutesy world full of danger.

This week’s DSiWare is Forgotten Legions, which will set you back €4.99 for an intricate real-time strategy game.  Players take on hordes of foes in this side-scrolling feature with around 30 campaign missions and an endless mode.

As always, let us know if you pick something up this week.

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