Paradox Interactive To Release Game Books

Paradox Books

Paradox Interactive has announced a book publishing deal that will revolve around games and the industry. In total, 3 e-books are currently planned for release, with more on the way.

Topics will vary depending on the book and theme. For instance, the company will publish A Year With Mojang: Behind the Scenes of Minecraft, which is a biography of the indie studio by journalist Thomas Arnoth. Thomas followed Markus “Notch” Persson and others in the studio for a year, as their multi-million selling sandbox game changed the game industry.

In The Communist Campaign in Karelia – A Hearts of Iron III Strategy Guide, gamers can find out tips and strategies, while at the same time reading a story. This book by the hand of Jason Pitruzzello is a little like a classic war story, but it will also help you play games better afterwards. Finally, Coriolis by Mattias Lilja will take the detective noir theme to outer space. So, it’s like adventure game Gemini Rue, but in book format.

Would you be interested in reading game-related books?

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