Paradox Still Announces New Things Left And Right

Crusader Kings II

Publisher Paradox Interactive recently held their own convention where they announced new content, such as a free-to-play War of the Roses. Additionally, the company launched several new and not-so-new announcements this week as well.

First off, strategy hit Crusader Kings II will receive yet another expansion, called The Old Gods. This addition focusing on Pagan lords will set back the game’s era for a full 200 years, allowing for a lengthier playthrough. Rebels will receive their own characteristics and adventures may pop up throughout the land with their own armies. It will be possible to announce invasions beforehand and let these opportunists join your rank. Naturally, heathens will play a large role here as well. The game will land in the second quarter of this year.

Another form of strategy title, Impire, has reached preorder status and is available from most known digital sources for a price of $19.99. Purchasing this PC game before its release on February 13, 2013 will yield gamers 2 exclusive DLC packs. One will add Medusas and Vampires to their monster stock and the other downloadable content yields additional skins for their Imp. A 7 minute playthrough of the game has been released to show some of its features. In it, we see a lot of darkness, but also some explorative action as builders carve out halls. There will also be numerous resource collection, creation and so on. Later, some nasty humans enter the imp dungeon and start wrecking up the place our critters worked so hard on. With a few clicks, it’s possible to send an imp army to destroy them. The end sequence strikes a rather odd conversation with a Minotaur. We’ll have to see more of the game to know what that’s about.

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On to more colorful pastures, multiplayer darling Magicka will receive a mobile tablet spinoff on both iOS and Android. In this flattened, cel-shaded representation of the game, players will still be able to combine spells together for deadly effects. More so, it’s still possible to “accidentally” kill teammates by having them come between you and a nasty spell you’re casting.  The game called Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet will contain new items, powers and a unique storyline for singleplayer and multiplayer. A reveal trailer continues the story of some strange dudes in bathrobes that get themselves in all sorts of shenanigans.

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Finally, Paradox announced a new game called Leviathan: Warships for PC, iOS and Android. It will be possible to play across all platforms in this tactical project and thanks to cloud saves, players will be able to pick up their game on any device. By customizing ships with defensive and offensive traits, players can make moves and then watch what the effect is with other opponents, as turns follow an asynchronous structure. It’s possible to play cooperatively with up to 4 players. There will will be 5 challenge missions and 9 co-op levels. People that prefer offline gameplay needn’t fret, as the campaign and challenges will offer this method as well.  A short reveal trailer shows us some of the clean visuals and tactical gameplay that features missile launches, shields and more. “Ships just got real.” We know what they did there.

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