Pay What You Want With IndieGala III

Small game bundle IndieGala is back for a third time. The unofficial little brother from the Humble Indie Bundle action once more gives people an opportunity to support charity and indie developers with their pay-what-you-want deal.

This time, the package will contain 3 titles: Trapped Dead, Greed: Black Border and Future Wars. The latter might be the most interesting, as it’s a grid turn-based strategy in vein of Advance Wars. Additionally, donators that give more than the average currently sitting at about $4.5 will receive 2 extra titles.

Twin Sector Indiegala

Twin Sector and Grotesque Tactics will be added incentives to anyone that gives above the average. The latter is a personal favorite and spoofs the ‘tactics’ RPG scheme with a colorful, cartoony parody with some riveting action. More so, anyone that beats the average will also receive more bonuses later on, as IndieGala often does.

All these games will yield Steam keys for those that would like it. Donating to the bundle will give you an option of supporting Save the Children, Child’s Play and/or the developers themselves. Having just started, IndieGala III has sold over 7000 bundles so far. You can purchase a bundle here.

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