Planet Explorers Needs Cash For Open World Game

Planet Explorers

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Planet Explorers and with its Kickstarter campaign currently in full progress, we thought we’d bring your attention to it once more. With around 20 days to go, developer Pathea Games has funded $40K of its $100K goal. It’s a steady progression, but it could use more.

Essentially, Planet Explorers is a voxel open world game; yes, one of those. Still, the page tries to make it clear that it isn’t just some alternate Minecraft. In Planet Explorers, players get the choice between a giant story world, randomly generated maps or free building modes. The story features a true RPG experience, with missions, characters, diplomacy and so on. There’s also an ending, for those interested.

Our eyes are peeled on the procedural maps in the random adventure mode though. Here, a map gets randomly generated and players can complete free missions as they appear, while still retaining the features of the game.

So, what sets this game apart from the pack? Well, its visuals created with the Unity engine are smoother, though it goes much deeper than just that and we don’t mean the landscaping you can perform. In Planet Explorers, savvy players can also create any item they like in an extensive editor. Less techy gamers can still find scripts and replicate builds this way. The game also allows players to set up their own encampment and even live their own lives, independently of any other structure.

Money is needed to finish development, but also polish up the game a bit. For instance, they’d like to upgrade to Unity 4.0, add more music and sound effects, extend character customization and so forth. Moreover, money will be used to ensure for quality control, better AI and modding tools. Finally, funds could help them get some servers up to run games.

Donations will start yielding the full game, as well as Alpha and Beta access, starting at $15. You can pledge on the Planet Explorers Kickstarter page here.

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