Planets at War – No False Mass Hysteria After Announcement

Planets at War

TopWare Interactive, known from the RPG Two Worlds, has planned to publish its partner Targem Games’ new game called Planets at War. The game is set to come out for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and poses little to no reference to H.G. Wells.

The goal of this cartoon-styled title is interplanetary conquest. Players launch attacks on planets, take control of them and set their sights on the next target. In the meantime, they’ll have to keep their numbers up and build defenses or get taken over by the opponent. View it as a sort of Risk game, but in space.

The singleplayer campaign will have 32 differing missions and will yield experience to unlock up to 15 technologies that alter gameplay. Local and online modes will allow up to 4 players to engage in battle in any combination possible. It will also be possible to play against AI opponents or cooperatively. More details are said to follow soon.

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