Platform Hybrid Rush Bros Has Multiplayer Demo

The Wizard

A multiplayer demo for Rush Bros was released by independent game developer Xyla Entertainment. Their pitch for the game is a fusion of a platform title with musical elements that allow players to import their own tracks.

The multiplayer demo offers 5 or so playable levels, which can be taken online or offline, against a challenger or in splitscreen. Apparently, lead designer Ian Boswell of Xyla Entertainment said that their inspiration came from the 80s movie The Wizard. This giant commercial for Nintendo once showed the first aired footage of Super Mario Bros 3 in a highly unbelievable contest. In Rush Bros, any chosen music is said to react within the game and its elements, so that players have a different challenge each time. With multiplayer, the goal is merely to play the same track side by side and finish first.

You can find the demo for Rush Bros here.

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