Play Marvel Heroes Early By Paying – Cool Comics Trivia Inside

Marvel Heroes MMO

Gazillion has announced limited edition package deals for their upcoming free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes. The superhero RPG will offer 3 different tiers of special incentives that use the characters from the license for players that want to buy into the multiplayer project now.

For €15.99/$19.99, a Starter Pack out of a choice of 16 super heroes will grant players 1 hero of their choice, along with a bonus costume and €8/$10 of in-game currency. This pack also allows you to access the game 2 days prior to launch.

Those that can spend a little more, can access the Premium Pack for €49.99/$59.99. There are 7 of these packs, which each include 4 heroes or a special Deadpool pack. Further incentives include 4 bonus costumes, €25/$30 in-game currency and a 4 day head start prior to the game’s launch.

Fanatics can get their hand on a supreme package with the Ultimate Pack, for a staggering €159.99/$199.99. This will include access to all the heroes available in the MMO’s release build, as well as every costume, plus 4 exclusive costumes. Some of these unique skins include the charmingly ridiculous Maestro Hulk and Wolverine’s Weapon X state. Added value comes in the form of €40/$50 in-game currency and a week head start prior to the regular release date, somewhere in spring of 2013. Furthermore, Ultimate Packs will offer players a permanent 5% bonus to experience and item find capabilities.

That large pack might seem like a lot of cash to spend on a game with no tangible bonuses, but comic fans are usually ready to pay for their favorite franchises. You can head down to any convention to see the prices of things like figurines and statues if you doubt the monetizing aspect of these licenses.

If you want to know more about the characters and their costumes, Gazillion entertainment released some pretty cool promo shots that take a page from Comic Book Men. We placed these shots below. Each character costume comes with information on when it was released, as well as its context. Go learn about comic trivia, you mook! There are also screenshots if you’re just interested about the Diablo-inspired MMO.

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