Playboy’s Miss October Answers Our Game Questions

Pamela Horton PlayboyPlayboy’s Miss October, Pamela Horton, is bringing gaming back to the bunny mansion. Forget the strange 2005 Sims clone from the company; Ms. Horton is the real deal when it comes to video games. She’ll be promoting nerd culture in this month’s issue, where she also shines as the cover girl. We thought we’d ask her out about her passion for games.

First off, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. We always appreciate it. We’ll get right to it:

1) Daav: Your article in Playboy mentions: “I’ve always loved video games and comic books.” Could you name some of your favorites?

I have always enjoyed comics for the art style. I am completely in love with any series illustrated by Greg Land (X-Men, Nightwing). He is my absolute favorite.

As for games, some favorites are Super Mario RPG, Majora’s Mask, God of War, Assassins Creed, Pokemon Yellow and Mario Kart Wii.

2) Daav: It’s also stated that you’re obsessed with MMOs and in particular League of Legends. How would you rank yourself as a player and would you have any tips on playing the game?

As a player I am not as versatile as others might be. I’m not a very good jungle. I’m the best at supporting an AD carry bottom lane though.  As for advice, if you pick up a new champ, make sure you test them and learn them in AI games. People rage when you play bad even if it’s for the fact that you’ve never played them.

Daav: How supportive would you consider the online community to be? What are some lesser elements you’ve experienced and what surprising, positive moments did you have in your time online?

When gender doesn’t come into question the online community is actually really awesome.  Everyone is trying to work together towards a same goal, so if you just put your prejudices aside and work together, everyone is happy.

Lesser elements is the gender stereotyping. Yes, yes I know how to make a sandwich. So do you, so stop being lazy and go make one yourself.

Favorite moment was when I won “the lottery” in Final Fantasy XI. It wasn’t the tier one prize, but I still got a Kraken Club. Eff yeah!

Pamela Horton

3) Daav: Your data sheet mentions that you have ambitions to work as a character designer for a gaming company. Any favorites you’d like to work for?

Riot Games (League of Legends)! I feel they stay true to their fan base and treat their employees with respect. They take care of everyone involved and I love that about them!

Daav: We’re sure you’re a busy person, but hopefully you would have had time to follow games a bit this year. What are your favorite games of 2012 and which releases are you still looking forward to?

Mists of Pandaria was the pivotal game/expansion of the year. Despite all the Kung Fu Panda business, I’ve followed every expansion in WoW since vanilla! It’s still just as exciting, too. Just more content. But my 2012 releases aren’t out yet. God of War Ascension comes out this month and I’ve had that preordered since it was announced. I got my PS3 for God of War 3 if that gives you any sense of how much I love the series. I’m also excited for Assassins Creed 3. I’ll miss Ezio and that Italian accent, but new is good too!

5) Daav: Finally, as a woman, we could understand it must sometimes be hard to wade through the world of gaming. What evolution do you think we’ll see in the maturing of the gaming industry and what input would you propose could benefit gaming or squash controversies surrounding femininity and sexualization in games? Seeing as you model for Playboy, this should give you a unique perspective.


I think it’s going to take more than just debate to squash this controversy. As much as I dislike the objectifying of women, it’s in men’s nature. It’s not like they are suddenly going to stop looking at a woman’s ass or boobs. Even if it was possible it would be really freaking hard. We can debate about it until the cows come home but it won’t change how a man views a woman.

One might say I allow myself to be objectified by posing nude for Playboy, but my intentions and how others view my pictorial are completely different. The human body is one of the greatest pieces of art ever. What I did was art. The thing “that guy” is doing is objectifying me. Two different things. Guys aren’t going to change.

Thanks again for your time and effort.

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