PQube Announces Olympics Game And Delays Crash Time IV

Atheltics Tournament

Sega might have the official Olympics game in the bag, but PQube wants in on the genre and announced a new Athletics Tournament game. The publisher also responsible for titles such as BlazBlue or the recently announced Crash Time 4 will launch Athletics Tournament on May 18, 2012 for all major platforms.

The Olympics title will feature 20 events, a singleplayer Summer Challenge Career mode and allow up to 4 players to participate locally or online. Additionally, it says it will bring photo-realistic sports arenas, which would explain the lesser focus on the character mannequins. Then again, it seems Sega is doing the same thing there as well.

Atheltics Tournament

Speaking of Crash Time 4, the title has been delayed and will now release on June 8, 2012 in Europe. After SpellForce 2 also getting a push into June, this makes 2 lesser known titles getting knocked back.

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