Primal Carnage Has More Dinosaurs For You

Primal Carnage raptor

One of our most anticipated games coming up is Primal Carnage. The man versus dinosaur brawl received a new character trailer showing off 2 of its classes: Raptor and Trapper.

YouTube Preview Image

It still seems like the dinosaurs have a rather sizable advantage in the shooter, which we don’t only mean in the literal sense. The Raptor class has speed, dexterity and aggression on its side. It can be seen leaping to great heights, using the environment as its personal playground and pouncing on unsuspecting victims. Speed is also one of the reptile’s strengths, as it can pop up out of nowhere and get to its prey in a split second. It’s hard to see anyone coming up with a suitable alternative for that.

Humans are supposed to stop these relentless animals with the Trapper. This class can shoot out nets that cripple the small Raptor and firmly imprison it, leaving it easy to kill. Unfortunately, larger predators like the T-Rex are merely impaired by having their gaping maw shut close. It can still rampage through packs of frail humans. Even if the trapper has dual guns and more available to them, we’re not sure whether this will balance gameplay for both sides.

Gamers can now sign up for a Beta. You’ll be able to find that here.

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