Primal Carnage Will Get Free Updates

Primal Carnage Alpha

Primal Carnage will be releasing more content in updates by the end of the month. The multiplayer PC game with dinosaur versus human battles will launch these updates free of charge.

First, this online shooter with third person dinosaur action will receive a brand new game mode called “Get to the Chopper.” Quite self-explanatory, in this game mode the human side must work in a linear fashion towards an extraction point that is held off by giant reptiles. A new map specifically made for this game mode will get released then as well.

Later on, 5 additional skins for the dinosaur classes will arrive. Developer Lukewarm Media plans to periodically add more skins for free. Lead Designer Ashton Anderson stated: “Our goal with Primal Carnage was to make the best dinosaur video game to date, and according to the reviews, we’ve done just that.” Primal Carnage currently has a respectable 67 score on Metacritic.

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