PS2 Finally On Euro SEN (PSN) – System 3 Launches 6 Games

Even though Playstation 3 devices used to be equipped with backwards compatibility, Sony later chose to remove it from all further builds. While this came to dismay of fans, Sony later promised that it would revive the Playstation 2 catalog through their digital networks. Europe has finally caught on and now has its own Playstation 2 Emulation service.

PS2 Finally On Euro SEN (PSN) - System 3 Launches 6 Games

One of the publishers launching a range of old games is System 3, which has been making games ever since the digital medium existed. They released classics on Commodore 64 with International Karate and later went on to produce games like James Pond and the strategy sleeper hit Constructor. While it owns a large amount of games, System 3 has only released 6 of them as a first wave of content:

  • MX World Tour
  • Gungrave Overdose
  • Cel Damage Overdrive
  • Road Trip Adventure
  • Seek And Destroy
  • Arcade Classics Volume 1

Other companies have also released some noticeable titles, amongst which the cult classic God Hand and SSX On Tour. The games range widely in price and download space, costing between €2.49 and €9.99 and requiring between 150Mb to over 4Gb of hard drive storage space. Also, not all games have been cleared for sale in every region. Details can be found on the European Playstation Blog. And yes, God Hand costs €9.99 for a 164Mb download. At least the games aren’t too expensive in their new format, but it is a duplicate purchase for anyone that already bought their game on Playstation 2.

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