PS4 Details Begin to Emerge

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We already know that the next Playstation console will be announced later this month.  Now we know some of the details that will come out of the announcement.

If you’ll recall, a while back we reported on some rumors about what the console would include.  Those have yet to be confirmed or denied, but this time around we have some much more concrete info on what you can expect to see on the next Playstation (we’ll call it the PS4 even though that is not yet the official name).

Launch Date

You won’t have to wait as long after the announcement of the PS4 as you did for the Wii U.  Alongside their announcement of the new console, Sony will also be announcing that the console will launch during the 2013 holiday season in both the US and Japan.  Due to more complicated distribution model in Europe, the system will not launch there until 2014.

Motion Gaming

Even though Sony hasn’t pushed the Move controller as hard post-release as they did pre-release, the PS4 will still support it.  A new version of the PS Eye will release alongside the PS4 as well and may or may not be included with the system.  A normal dual analog controller will still be the primary controller for the system.  Speaking of which…

The Controller

The PS4 controller will keep the same basic design as the Dual Shock.  One very large exception is that the entire area in the middle of the controller (where the start/select button used to be) will be replaced by a touchpad similar to the one on the back of the PS Vita.

Live Media Capture/Sharing

One of the most interesting/exciting announcements to come out of this is the ability to capture gameplay/screenshots direct from your PS4 without the use of any additional capture hardware.  The PS4 will automatically record and buffer your latest 15 minutes of gameplay as you play.  You can then elect to save that gameplay and can even share it to youtube with a single button push.

The good news is that you will no longer miss those crazy killstreaks or hilarious happenings without the ability to re-live/share them.  The bad news is that youtube is going to be absolutely flooded with gameplay videos and clips to a level we’ve never seen before.

The Specs

It looks like Sony will once again retain the crown of most powerful hardware.  The PS4 beats out the rumored Next Xbox specs in every category except for total ram amount.  They make up for that with significantly faster ram, and reportedly are thinking of making a last ditch effort to match the Xbox’s ram total.

Here are the complete specs that are known so far.

  • 4GB GDDR5 ram (8gb DDR3 rumored on XBox)
  • 8 core AMD CPU at 1.6ghz (same rumored on Xbox)
  • R10xx GPU (less powerful D3D11 GPU on Xbox)

One big thing to note is that Sony is not going with a complicated proprietary solution this time.  While the PS3 was the most powerful console last gen, it was held back by being very difficult to develop for.  Sony has learned its lesson, and the PS4 will not only be powerful, but easy to develop for.

It’s worth noting that while technically the strongest hardware of next-gen, the difference between the PS4 and next Xbox is not large and is unlikely to make much of a difference in 3rd party titles.  It will be 1st party games (Naughty Dog!) where that extra oomph will come into play.

One big outlying feature that has not yet been talked about is the PSN.  It is likely that all PSN arcade games will work on the PS4.  It will be interesting to see if, with a more focused outlook towards online gaming, Sony can create an ecosystem that is up to par with Xbox Live this time and perhaps pressure Microsoft’s online system in to going free.

What do you think of the next Playstation so far?


  1. Akash Patel February 1, 2013

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    seems like PlayStation is gonna kick some ass one more time…

    • Steve O February 2, 2013

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      I love my PS3, but I’d have to be honest and admit that the 360 won the battle of the consoles this generation, no real point in denying that. But bring on round 2 Microsoft; sounds like it’s going to be closer one!

  2. randomness February 2, 2013

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    What would be the more closer answer than 2014 in Europe? Could it come in June 2014?

  3. Dragunov36 23 February 2, 2013

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    Seems like to me that xbox is going to have to step up on their software more in order to match PS4. I have an xbox 360 and hopefully will try to get a ps4 when it comes out to try and compare. hopefully lol

  4. Jaz February 2, 2013

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    Wil it be backwards compatible?

  5. Bidzina February 2, 2013

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    The ram is 8 gbs not 4 please change that

  6. PunShii February 2, 2013

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    Europe 2014 it’s so funny Sony will loose again how could they make the Console Release in 2013 for US/Japan but for Europe 2014 :D Xbox will win again also there Marketplace concept from Sony is crapy

  7. Zack D’Souza February 25, 2013

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    I think Sony completely destroyed the XBOX with the PS3, the PS3 and XBOX 720 will probably be equivalents. And the PS4 will hit it right out of the ball park. I honestly love my Sony system so much

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