PS4 to be Announced on February 20th

PS4 Announcement Event

It has yet to be officially confirmed, but it looks like we’re going to find out what Sony has up its sleeve with the Playstation 4 very soon.

Sony has sent out press notices for an event on February 20th to announce the future of Playstation.  That future, of course, will likely entail the Playstation 4.

You can see the public announcement of the even here:

The Wall Street Journal has also chimed in, saying that they have some insider info that it will indeed be the PS4 being announced at the event, possibly alongside some new announcements regarding the PS Vita as well.

While the current console generation was a great one that earned its ability to go beyond the typical 5-year cycle, it’s about time for the new gen to kick off (beyond the Wii U’s last gen specs) and we’re glad that Sony is stepping up and getting things rolling.  Maybe this will kick off a revamp in the Call of Duty franchise as well.

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    • Ryan Moyer February 1, 2013

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      You can read it as “the 4th Playstation console” if you’d like, PS4 is just easier to type/read :)

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