Rainbow Moon Gets Demo, Soundtrack DRM Explained And Giveaway!

Rainbow MoonThis week, the throwback RPG Rainbow Moon launched a post-release demo on Playstation Network. The demo allows interested parties to try a 90 minute trial run of the game and restart it as often as they choose. While that only gives you a beginning appreciation for the dozens upon dozens of hours of content available, it should present a good introduction to the novel fighting mechanics in the game. More so, after unlocking the full game, players can continue where they left off in the demo.

Rainbow Moon has had a successful start so far. During its release period in July, it was the second highest selling game on Playstation Network. To continue on the wave of that prosperity, company eastasiasoft released a digital soundtrack of the catchy tunes in the roleplaying game. There is also a hardcopy version available on the company website.

The digital album contains 32 tracks from the game and is said to be “100% DRM free.” Seeing as how Sony requires you to log into their network to download, we were skeptical of this branding. Therefore we contacted eastasiasoft with the question how this could possibly work. Company rep Catherine Ng stated:

“The PSN soundtrack release is an installer, which is indeed not DRM free. (as required by Sony) 

However once you start the installer, it will copy the soundtrack files to your PS3’s music folder. You can then copy these music files back to your computer or any other device through a USB flashdrive or any other media supported by the PS3.”

So, let’s say the music 90% DRM free. The digital soundtrack is priced at $4.99/3.99. It also comes in a newly packaged premium bundle, which contains both the game and the sounds, along with a starter pack, for a discounted price.

RainbowMoon logo

We received several codes for the game and the soundtrack to distribute to our loyal readers.

Here’s how to win:

Method 1: Follow @Daavpuke on Twitter and retweet the following message. It’s that simple.

Method 2: Leave a heartfelt comment below why you’d like the game or soundtrack. We uphold the right to dismiss superfluous messages such as “Game now pl0x.” Please leave a valid email address, unless you’d like to wave away your chances to win.

Winners will be determined by the end of next week.

Update: All winners have been notified. Congratulations!


  1. Mikagee September 9, 2012

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    Cool thanks for the giveaway

  2. Jack Stone September 9, 2012

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    Awesome give away and looks an awesome game. Cheers chaps :)

  3. Kenny F September 10, 2012

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    I would love a copy because I heart RPG !

  4. David V. September 10, 2012

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    I’d love to win a copy of rainbow moon! I’ve been entering TONS of contest and haven’t won :( this game looks so awesome and i love playing rpg most of all. I want to buy it but money has been pretty tight since march. My nieces and nephews were going to be homeless. I had to take them in. So now instead of supporting my wife an daughter, I have 4 extra kids to take care of. With school just starting and buying clothes, shoes, and supplies for all 5, I’m pretty tapped out. So till I have extra funds to pick this up I’ll be entering every contest I can find. :) thx for the chance to win this great looking RPG!

  5. Kyle A. September 10, 2012

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    I would love to win a copy of Rainbow Moon because it reminds me of old turn-based RPG games like FF tactics, Vandal Hearts, and Tactics Ogre for the PS1. I like these games because it gives you control in the battlefield like a general. Lots of time spent during winter vacation, but well worth the time invested playing these games for the battles and story. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome game.

  6. John Bacovcin (@Johnbacovcin) September 10, 2012

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    i’d like to win because i heard how wonderful this game was from friends and i took a lessen to the soundtrack and it was very godly,plus i like playing RPG games ever sense i’ve been playing other games like borderlands,at first i was skeptical because i though RPGS were all like WOW or other meaningless games but in fact this game is fun,filled with action,easy to get into,and i heard it’s just tons of fun,i haven’t had the money to pick the game up myself but i want to win a copy of the game or the bundle with the soundtrack,i also want to share the soundtrack with my music friends c:

  7. DrPixel September 11, 2012

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    RPGs are amazing, and sadly I have barely played any of them. I really, truly do want to change that though!

    I never had a PS2 or PS1 (where the “jackpot” I’d say of RPGs where at), but on most of the modern consoles I’ve played a few on each, and loved them all. I hadn’t discovered how much fun they were until a few years ago when I tried one. It’s interesting to manage each of your characters and what they use to attack enemies, and how that can affect if you win or lose each battle. I like having to think without thinking too much I guess you could say, so RPGs are a nice medium for me. :D

    Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

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