Nun Attack PS Vita Review – On-Screen Chaos

Nun Attack review

A good way for small titles to broaden their appeal is to not get overzealous. Many games of lesser scope lose track of what they are by becoming too ambitious. With Nun Attack, there is a fine line that rides this ambition curve just right, even if it’s tarnished by some chaos here and there. For whatever it’s worth, the basic concept is sound and renewable for quite some time and that for a minimal price is good enough. It had to try to be ambitious; that’s still forgivable in some sense.

In this dark world, a nun mistress has turned evil and it’s up to a covenant of different nuns to bring the world back to the benevolent side. Visuals are presented with clean cartoon characters and backgrounds, with fluid animations that are sprung full of life. It has that sort of bouncy feel of old-timey cartoons where animations would just do an endless dance with their hands by their sides. It worked then and it’s still good enough to fool us today. Especially with some sparkly combat effects here and there, the game is a joy to look at, most of the time.

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Players set forth on a series of 40 or so missions, each with a bunch of demon portals to close and enemies to ambush. To do so, a choice of 4 nuns is available soon after departure. Each of these ladies have their own special power that reboots after some time. For instance, one nun can become invisible for a short time, while she snipes skeletons and another can turn into a tank and shotgun enemies in the face.  Additionally, players can periodically make use of miracles that offer defensive or offensive boons, such as health regeneration or a blast from the heavens.

Add to that a leveling system gained by using nuns and keeping them alive. As the game progresses, nuns will become stronger and be able to use new weapons that let them take on tougher enemies and so forth. As nuns need to be used and need to survive to advance, it’s important to manage this leveling trait well, so that no character is left with a leveling gap. In the long run, Nun attack does enough to feel like there’s a sense of accomplishment or progression to take on another wave and then another one. Without it, the similar level setups would become a bit bland after a while, even with the appropriate challenge that ramps up adequately and ends with a boss fight.

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Rather than repetition, it’s the minimal control scheme and on-screen chaos that ruins most of the fun. Actions are tapped and slid with the touchscreen, which becomes hard to do once enemies and explosions crowd the screen. Nuns must be pinpointed and then led to their goal in a straight line, but with so many things going on and nuns cornered on one part of the screen, this frequently doesn’t end well. Often enough, the wrong character will be prompted, commands won’t properly send or an action won’t fully complete. This leaves characters vulnerable, especially since their artificial intelligence is flaky. Nuns have the ability to defend automatically, but won’t necessarily do so. In the heat of the moment, it’s possible to see one of these ladies scratch their butts while taking fire. Some action would be nice, gals, no need to wait for us on this one.

Above issues are sort of a shame, since they do lead to ample frustrations, certainly when levels or sections need to be redone. If a nun decided not to attack and the fight was lost because of it, it becomes tough to put more trust in that person.

With that in mind, the game does still offer some variety when it comes to enemies and attacks. There are a set of different attacks possible that affect characters differently, such as icy foes that freeze a nun in place, leaving them unable to fight, while taking damage. Portals additionally require extra finesse when walking across the map, as they hurl projectiles over the screen, which can be deflected.

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There is plenty of variety in Nun Attack and that with a lovable art style. Cartoon nuns with guns are a blast to play with and killing the spawn of evil with them feels great. Unfortunately, touch controls obviously created for mobile devices aren’t always up to snuff and that along with weak AI can be a drag. Still, beyond that, this miniature game has tons to offer for a very low price.

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People looking for a pleasant pastime will certainly get their fill with Nun Attack and its vivid visuals. the technical execution doesn't always live up to the rest of the game, but with plenty to do for not a lot of money, it's at least worth a good, old try.

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