Rip Off Pokémon, Fly And Dress Witches On The Euro 3DS eShop

VG Cats

Credit to VG Cats

It will be another packed week on the European eShop from Nintendo. Just like the previous time, 3DS owners will be quite pleased with the array of choices that will mark this week’s update.

The largest addition is Pilotwings Resort for 3DS. This was one of the launch titles and it has finally soared into the digital version. These are all good aviation puns. It was even used by web comic VG Cats to note its exemplary status as a launch title. You can get this full release for €44.99. The 3DS will also add 2 more games for €3.99 each. In Dress to Play: Cute Witches you do exactly what the title says and then take these cute wenches through a set of 50 challenges on flying brooms. The pixelated title PIX3D takes us back to the past, when all games had this similar art style. Players try to assemble pictures made from just a few dots, with chiptune in the back as their motivation.

This week’s DSiWare is sure to attract some players. Spirit Hunters Inc is what you get when you combine elements of Invizimals, Pokémon and Ghost Busters; a bit like The Hidden tried to do on 3DS last year. Hell, it even uses the insidious system of splitting its game into two versions like Pokémon. So depending on whether you choose the Shadow or Light version, you’ll be able to hunt 96 different ghosts, with 6 exclusive ones on each platform to be traded in Challenge mode. We do not condone using this marketing model to make money. Simply having Pokémon as an argument for precedence does not make it a viable option for others. Still, with its augmented reality options, it’s probably good for some cheap fun at just €7.99 apiece.

Finally, you can get The King of Fighters ’96 on the Wii’s virtual console for 900 points. This continues the console’s focus on bringing tons of Neo Geo and Capcom fighters to the platform. We do condone this.

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