Roguelike Super Office Stress Fights The Corporate Ladder

Indie games are a hive of creativity and unique ideas, which can sometimes land on some eccentric tastes. Super Office Stress might be one of the strangest ideas in a known package to release in some time.


The premise of the game is to run the corporate ladder in a dungeon crawler roguelike. It might sound simple, but this wacked out title makes damn sure to not let it go down that easily. For instance, anything found in the office can be equipped, thrown or eaten. But more importantly, this colorful and blocky world just looks weird. There’s movement everywhere, visuals feature flat 2D textures like the days of Wolfenstein and did we mention it looks weird?

It certainly is a great idea however. As an added charming roguelike bonus, even the price of the game is directed by chance. Gamers interested in this strange and unique title can roll the dice on the game’s site and end up paying anywhere between $1 and $6.

YouTube Preview Image

Super Office Stress is part of the Indie Buskers campaign that let gamers from all over the globe pitch a few indie developers some ideas. It spawned other titles like a Pac-man game with tower defense elements from the creator of Cardinal Quest and a game about a pirate trying to be an astronaut.

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